Learn How to Overcome The Price Objection in 6 Simple Steps

The Price Objection is rarely about money. Find out why prospects have price objections before moving to the video series

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Step 1: Take a moment and breathe

Reacting instantly to a price objection can be devastating and you need to handle it calmly! Watch this video to understand the importance of step 1 and how to execute it.

Step 2: Ask for permission before moving forward

Powering through the process is not the solution. You need to release the tension and build rapport before moving forward. Watch this video on how to accomplish this!

Step 3: Give Feedback

You need to bring the prospect back into the process. Giving feedback builds rapport and makes them feel heard. Watch this video to learn how to do this.

Step 4: Give an Authentic Compliment

Giving an authentic compliment will build further rapport but if you don’t execute it correctly it could destroy the trust you have built so far. Learn the do’s and don’ts in this video.

Step 5: Time to ASK

After completing the first 4 steps you are now ready to dig into the details and put things in perspective for the prospect. You do this by asking 2 questions. Find out what they are in this video

Step 6: Let them say YES

The final step is key. Don’t push the sale! Ask one question, and if executed correctly, the prospect will shift from a No to a Yes.

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