Sales Mastery Launchpad

For ambitious coaches and consultants who want to rapidly increase their income and make a bigger impact

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What you'll get

"If you’ve felt uncomfortable when selling your services before...

If you're consistently getting answers like “I can’t afford it” or “I have to think about it...

If you know you’d LOVE the freedom that comes from being able to make sales anywhere, anytime...

Most programs either cover either Internal – ‘SELF’ – aspects of selling like belief about self, selling or potential clients or External – ’MARKET’ – aspects scripts, process, etc. but rarely do programs cover both. One thing my clients report after working with me is that not only am I a sales coach, but a Mindset and Confidence coach, as well. So whether your challenges are internal or external, we will figure that out and get you the help you need.

Sales is where the transaction actually happens. Everything leads up to it. So, if you are just starting out this is perfect for you since we can position you with the right offer in front of the right audience. I will  make sure that you wouldn’t waste time, energy and money on all the other aspects of business that can consume a solopreneur. You would focus on the ONE strategy that can bring clients in the door faster than anything else – having a powerful sales conversation with another human being!

We understand that payment could be difficult for some, We do offer payment plans for qualified applicants. Just book a call with us and we can discuss this.

No worries! Everything is conducted via zoom and online so as long as you have wifi access, we can make it work. 


What People are Saying

Love letters from out Clients

The Sales Framework has not only has me feel more confident – but has been creating amazing results in my business. I had my first $15K month last month. Working with Anand has transformed the way I approach business. Not only have I been able to raise my rates, I am now able to approach potential customers with much more ease – and actually enjoy the sales conversation
Rolan Barr
Marketing Consultant
Honesty, Integrity, Transparency. Anand and his team are a true pleasure to work with. Not only have they reduced overall cost while maintaining efciency, they have collaborated on projects outside the scope of initial presented guidelines. I would highly recommend their services.
Debs de Vries
Life Coach - Midlife Crisis Mentor
You just changed my life! I am confident of hitting 7 figures! Consistently professional and reliable, and always a pleasure to work and brainstorm with!
John Baptiste
Baptiste Coaching and Consulting
Prior to working with Anand, my biggest stumbling blocks were understanding how to package, not knowing that I could provide the value expected at a high-ticket price and navigating the sales conversation. Since working with Anand, I've become bolder and more confident. I now know how to manage the conversation upfront (so there are less price objectives) and have a multiple 6-figure business with less work!
Nicole Schmid
Health Coach, Egoscue Postural Alignment

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