Sales is not about closing..

Sales is not about closing a deal but opening a new relationship !

So often when it gets to the close and asking for the money, amateur entrepreneurs and coaches tense up, get nervous, and their energy shifts.

They get into a win-lose mindset, and create a losing situation for all.

They take objections personally and become self- conscious, making the sale or situation all about themselves instead of about the client and their needs. It is always all about them.

Or, they go for a hard close with the client, who then gets buyerโ€™s remorse and cancels.

Keep this in mind: Itโ€™s not ABC (always be closing), but rather ABO (always be opening).

By opening a mutually beneficial, win-win relationship, everyone feels served and this is how you build a future in your business and serve the same clients for years !

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